As an avid player of  Wing Commander - Privateer I entered into MS Freelancer quite early on, in Single Player mode. A while ago I got access to DSL, so I started to play multiplayer on the internet.

My first contact was the 24/7 Norwegian Dream server, a fun server with humpback races every thursday - back when it was running version 1.0.

When it switched to the TNG mod, I played a bit with that, but while I liked a few of the new variations (internal hard points, sales only to people in the green), I got bored with the new ship types and speed mods. Back to the roots, I went to Freelancer Universe.

For a couple of months I flew there as [FreeTrade]Garner, making money with a dromedar and trying to get independent Freelancers into a Zoner-style attitude by giving them a startup. After a period of inactivity, Garner and Starflier.Inc (first incarnation) had been deleted from the server, so I started again - this time a fighter pilot named Jarvis. Getting the eagle was easy. Recently I managed to visit my last station (162 stations and 118 jumpholes - am I missing any?).

Parallelly I respawned Starflier.Inc, a Starflier on great Sirius tour. Almost optimized (only a Screamer mine instead of the Ripper, Optimized Stunpulse and a pair of Scorpions, Optimized Thruster and Optimized Countermeasures), this little fly has been playing tourist or newby escort for quite a while.

Then, one day idling through the Omicrons in the starflier, I was asked whether I wanted to join TC as a trader. Remembering Garner, I accepted as [TC]Hanseatic.

More information about TC (The Confederation) here.

Not quite familiar with the TC naming conventions, I omitted the ".Inc" extension for the first character, but flew him as a trader nonetheless. I got charged with recruiting new traders, so I keep [TC]Hanseatic in his dromedar near NY system when not getting new equipment for starting traders.

I have come up with a routine for starting TC traders which I'll put on a separate page, as well as info on my Favourite Trade Runs..

A couple of screenshots (I use png format rather than jpg):