Starting a [TC]Name.Inc Trader

New recruits for TC traders receive 500,000$ startup plus a class 6 freighter shields. TC pilots with existing characters require about 200,000$ in transfer through the recruiter.

Explain that a bribe to the Junkers at Rochester will put all pirates but the Xenos in the white or at least light pink reputation. A mission or two for the Junkers - against Xenos or Bounty Hunters - will convince even the hackers to turn white. After that, they may occasionally demand your cargo - but that gives you a good head start to prepare whatever you plan to do, run or fight. Don't yield unless stuck in front of a jump gate with half a dozen potentially hostile level 10 fighters around you (and even so - what the heck).

Ask the prospective trader what ship he wants - Humpback or Dromedar.

Humpback offers lvl 7 armour and max turret class but only 250 cargo space at a high price (>200,000$). It turns extremely slowly. The turrets are adequately distributed and can pour some fearsome amount of fire.

Dromedar offers lvl 6 armour and max turret class, 275 cargo space for some 63,000$. While no light fighter, it has acceptable maneuverability, and except for the belly will have at least 4 turrets shooting in any direction.

Humpback is easier to arrange, but more expensive. Give the money, accompany the candidate to Planet Hamburg and transfer the class 6 shield there (or give the money).

Personally, I prefer Graviton Shields. My recruiter usually has a spare class 6 to transfer. You can buy them from the Gas Miners Guild or the Blood Dragons.

The ship is sold with a class 5 shield. You can save a lot of money if you transfer that shield while buying the ship, since you will receive selling price rather than buying price for that item.

Both Berlin and Hamburg offer lvl 6 Rhineland tachyon guns which are fine to start with, too. I usually advise to take a load of engine parts to Freeport 4 for the first trade run, about 1000$ profit apiece.

Getting a dromedar takes a bit more work. The recruiter needs a positive reputation with the junkers, or even better the Hackers.

First step is a trip to Rochester to bribe the junkers for reputation. This will take the Rogues and Outcasts barely into white, but leaves the Hackers light red.

First option is to fly a few Junker missions against Bounty Hunters or Xenos. Second option is to have the recruiter fly one mission for the Hackers while in group with the candidate. Either result is a barely white reputation for the candidate, so he can dock at Mactan station in Magellan.

Bribing the Junkers will cost some 65,000$. Buying the dromedar about the same amount, minus the selling price for the class 5 graviton shield.

When I recruit, I usually give a set of weaponry, too. My personal favourite layout for long range engagements is 2 Bretonian lvl 5 Tachyon turrets, 2 Bretonian, Hacker or IMG lvl 6 Tachyon turrets, 1 Debilitator pulse turret, a Bretonian or IMG lvl 6 Tachyon gun and a Moonstalker and Catapult thrower. If you prefer close action, get corsair neutron turrets instead.

Depending on the experience of the candidate, one might start with a high investment Cardamine run to Manhattan (costs 810$ at Mactan, sells at Manhattan for 1500 or at Rochester for 1410$), or a cheap water run from Freeport 4 to Manchester system (any base pays well).

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